Osmium concentration and isotope composition of ODP Hole 165-1002C (Table 1), supplement to: Oxburgh, Rachel; Pierson-Wickmann, Anne-Catherine; Reisberg, Laurie; Hemming, Sidney R (2007): Climate-correlated variations in seawater 187Os/188Os over the past 200,000 yr: Evidence from the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 263(3-4), 246-258

Rachel Oxburgh, Anne-Catherine Pierson-Wickmann, Laurie Reisberg & Sidney R Hemming
A high resolution record of seawater osmium isotopic composition (35 samples over the past 191,000 yr) has been obtained from sediments from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 165 Site 1002 in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela. Strong correlations are observed between 187Os/188Os and both the local and global oxygen isotopic records, with less radiogenic values observed during glacial intervals. In conjunction with previous analyses of sediments from the East Pacific Rise, the Santa Barbara Basin, and...
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