Chemical composition of rocks and minerals from the Weddell Sea, supplement to: Kurentsova, Natalia A; Frolova, Tatyana I; Udintsev, Gleb B; Roshchina, I A (2007): On the geology of the Weddell Sea, Southern Ocean. Geochemistry International, 45(7), 717-725

Natalia A Kurentsova, Tatyana I Frolova, Gleb B Udintsev & I A Roshchina
Studied samples represent bedrock occurrences rather than products of transportation by floating ice. Two regions were distinguished: the East Antarctic margin (submarine Maud Ridge) characterized by intensive destruction and oceanization of the continental crust, and the northwestern part of the Weddell Sea (Powell Basin), where spreading processes are superimposed on the weakly destructed continental crust. Volcanic rocks of the Maud Ridge derive from an enriched mantle source. The following geologic section was observed: young fresh...
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