10Be records of sediment cores from high northern latitudes, supplement to: Eisenhauer, Anton; Spielhagen, Robert F; Frank, Martin; Hentzschel, Günter; Mangini, Augusto; Kubik, Peter W; Dittrich-Hannen, Beate; Billen, T (1994): 10Be records of sediment cores from high northern latitudes: Implications for environmental and climatic changes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 124(1-4), 171-184

Anton Eisenhauer, Robert F Spielhagen, Martin Frank, Günter Hentzschel, Augusto Mangini, Peter W Kubik, Beate Dittrich-Hannen & T Billen
The 10Be records of four sediment cores forming a transect from the Norwegian Sea at 70°N (core 23059) via the Fram Strait (core 23235) to the Arctic Ocean at 86°N (cores 1533 and 1524) were measured at a high depth resolution. Although the material in all the cores was controlled by different sedimentological regimes, the 10Be records of these cores were superimposed by glacial/interglacial changes in the sedimentary environment. Core sections with high 10Be concentrations...
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