10Be and barium concentrations of sediment core GeoB1008-3, supplement to: Rutsch, H J; Mangini, Augusto; Bonani, Georges; Dittrich-Hannen, Beate; Kubik, Peter W; Suter, Martin; Segl, Monika (1995): 10Be and Ba concentrations in West African sediments trace productivity in the past. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 133(1-2), 129-143

H J Rutsch, Augusto Mangini, Georges Bonani, Beate Dittrich-Hannen, Peter W Kubik, Martin Suter & Monika Segl
Particle reactive elements are scavenged to a higher degree at ocean margins than in the open ocean due to higher fluxes of biogenic and terrigenous particles. In order to determine the influence of these processes on the depositional fluxes of 10Be and barium we have performed high-resolution measurements on sediment core GeoB1008-3 from the Congo Fan. Because the core is dominated by terrigenous matter supplied by the Congo River, it has a high average mass...
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