Lithology, age determination and pollen records of five profiles for nothern Bavaria, Germany, supplement to: Hahne, Jürgen (1992): Untersuchungen zur spät- und postglazialen Vegetationsgeschichte im nördlichen Bayern (Bayerisches Vogtland, Fichtelgebirge, Steinwald). Flora, 187, 169-200

Jürgen Hahne
Palynological investigations in northeastern Bavaria (Bavarian Vogtland, Fichtelgebirge, Steinwald) reveal the Late Glacial and Postglacial history of the regional vegetation. Radiocarbon data in comparison with those from the neighbouring regions (Rhön, Oberpfälzer Wald, Bavarian Forests) show a time lag in the development of the arboreal vegetation due to migration processes. The Fichtelgebirge is the southernmost part ofnortheastern Bavaria where the early Alleröd period (pollen zone IIa) is characterised by a dominance of birch forests. Hazel...
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