Age determination of North Atlantic sediment cores, supplement to: Bard, Edouard; Fairbanks, Richard G; Maurice, Pierre; Duprat, Josette M; Moyes, Jean; Duplessy, Jean-Claude (1989): Sea level estimates during the last deglaciation based on d18O and accelerator mass spectrometry 14C ages measured on Globigerina bulloides. Quaternary Research, 31(3), 381-391

Edouard Bard, Richard G Fairbanks, Pierre Maurice, Josette M Duprat, Jean Moyes & Jean-Claude Duplessy
Coupled measurements of delta18O and accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) 14C in a particular species of planktonic foraminifera may be used to calculate sea-level estimates for the last deglaciation. Of critical importance for this type of study is a knowledge of the seasonality of foraminiferal growth, which can be provided by delta18O measurements of modern shells (core tops, plankton tows). Isotopic (delta18O, AMS-14C dating) and faunal records (transfer function sea surface temperature) were obtained from two...
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