Recalculated petrographic parameters and normalized microprobe analyses of volcanic glasses for DSDP Sites 63-467, 63-468 and 63-469, supplement to: Marsaglia, Kathleen M; Davis, Alicé S; Rimkus, Karl; Clague, David A (2006): Evidence for interaction of a spreading ridge with the outer California borderland. Marine Geology, 229(3-4), 259-272

Kathleen M Marsaglia, Alicé S Davis, Karl Rimkus & David A Clague
The southward passage of the Rivera triple junction and its effect on the North American plate are primary controls on the Miocene tectonic evolution of the outer borderland of California. Detrital modes of sand shed off the Patton Ridge and cored by the Deep Sea Drilling Project provide evidence of progressive tectonic erosion of the Patton accretionary prism and neartrench volcanism. Volcanic glass in the sediment is predominantly calcalkaline rhyolite and andesite, typical of subductionrelated...
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