Distribution of ostracoda in three long sediment cores from the deep eastern Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Jones, Richard LI; Whatley, Robin C; Cronin, Thomas M; Dowsett, Harry J (1999): Reconstructing late Quaternary deep-water masses in the eastern Arctic Ocean using benthonic ostracoda. Marine Micropaleontology, 37(3-4), 251-272

Richard LI Jones, Robin C Whatley, Thomas M Cronin & Harry J Dowsett
The distribution of Ostracoda in three long cores from the deep eastern Arctic Ocean was studied to determine the palaeoceanographical history of the Eurasian Basin during the late Quaternary. The samples for this study were obtained from the Lomonosov Ridge, Morris Jesup Rise and Yermak Plateau during the Arctic 91 expedition. Ostracoda previously studied in coretops at the same sites as the present study have shown that individual species have a strong association with different...
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