Distribution of surface sediment properties along the Portuguese western margin, supplement to: Alt-Epping, Ulrich; Mil-Homens, Mário; Hebbeln, Dierk; Abrantes, Fatima F; Schneider, Ralph R (2007): Provenance of organic matter and nutrient conditions on a river- and upwelling influenced shelf: A case study from the Portuguese Margin. Marine Geology, 243(1-4), 169-179

Ulrich Alt-Epping, Mário Mil-Homens, Dierk Hebbeln, Fatima F Abrantes & Ralph R Schneider
Organic matter contained in surface sediments from four regions on the western Portuguese shelf, which are influenced by coastal upwelling and fluvial input, was analysed with respect to elemental organic carbon (Corg) and nitrogen (Ntotal) content and isotopic carbon and nitrogen ratios (d13Corg, d15N). Corg/Ntotal weight ratios and d13Corg values are interpreted in terms of terrigenous or marine organic matter sources, supported by CaCO3 content. Organic matter in the shelf sediments is mainly of marine...
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