Sedimentology of surface sediments from the eastern central Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Stein, Ruediger; Grobe, Hannes; Wahsner, Monika (1994): Organic carbon, carbonate, and clay mineral distributions in eastern central Arctic Ocean surface sediments. Marine Geology, 119(3-4), 269-285

Ruediger Stein, Hannes Grobe & Monika Wahsner
Results from a detailed sedimentological investigation of surface sediments from the eastern Arctic Ocean indicate that the distribution of different types of sediment facies is controlled by different environmental processes such as sea-ice distribution, terrigenous sediment supply, oceanic currents, and surface-water productivity.In comparison to other open-ocean environments, total organic carbon contents are high, with maximum values in some deep-basin areas as well as west and north of Svalbard. In general, the organic carbon fraction is...
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