Sedimentology of cores from the shelf of Lazarev Sea, East Antarctica, supplement to: Gingele, Franz; Kuhn, Gerhard; Maus, Bastian; Melles, Martin; Schöne, Tilo (1997): Holocene ice retreat from the Lazarev Sea shelf, East Antarctica. Continental Shelf Research, 17(2), 137-163

Franz Gingele, Gerhard Kuhn, Bastian Maus, Martin Melles & Tilo Schöne
Distinct facies types, classified in radiocarbon-dated sediments from the shelf of the Lazarev Sea, East Antarctica, reveal a detailed history of processes that have controlled sedimentation during the deglaciation over the last 10,000 yr. The ice retreat on this part of the Antarctic shelf started 9500 yr BP, marked by the deposition of laminated sediments, deposited from a floating ice shelf. These laminites, which occur on top of diamictons laid down from a grounded ice...
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