Comparison of glacial/interglacial carbonate concentrations in Atlantic sediments, supplement to: Balsam, William L; McCoy, F M J (1987): Atlantic sediments: glacial/interglacial comparisons. Paleoceanography, 2(5), 531-542

William L Balsam & F M J McCoy
To assess the regional effects of glaciation on sedimentation in the Atlantic Ocean we compare sediment types, distributions, and rates between Recent (core top) and last glacial maximum (LGM: ~18,000 years B.P.) stratigraphic levels. Based upon smear slides and carbonate analyses in 178 cores we find that glacial age carbonate content is generally lower than Recent. During both the Recent and LGM, carbonate content shows an east/west asymmetry with western basins exhibiting lower carbonate values....
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