Pollen record with radiocarbon datings from Faddeyevskiy Island, Laptev Sea, supplement to: Andreev, Andrei A; Peteet, Dorothy M; Tarasov, Pavel E; Romanenko, Fedor A; Filimonova, Ludmila V; Sulerzhitsky, Leopold D (2001): Late Pleistocene interstadial environment on Faddeyevskiy Island, East-Siberian Sea, Russia. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, 33(1), 28-35

Andrei A Andreev, Dorothy M Peteet, Pavel E Tarasov, Fedor A Romanenko, Ludmila V Filimonova & Leopold D Sulerzhitsky
Pollen, plant macrofossil, loss-on-ignition and radiocarbon analyses of a 1.4-m section in thermokarst topography from Faddeyevskiy Island (75°20'N, 143°50'E, 30 m elevation) provides new information on Late Pleistocene interstadial environmental history of this high Arctic region. Conventional radiocarbon dates (25,700 ± 1000, 32,780 ± 500, 35,200 ± 650 yr BP) and two AMS dates (29,950 ± 660 and 42,990 ± 1280 yr BP) indicate that the deposits accumulated during the Kargian (Boutellier) interval. Numerous mammoth...
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