Pollen records and age determinations from 2 profiles at Lake Nikolay, Lena Delta, supplement to: Andreev, Andrei A; Tarasov, Pavel E; Schwamborn, Georg; Ilyashuk, Boris P; Ilyashuk, Elena A; Bobrov, Anatoly A; Klimanov, Vladimir A; Rachold, Volker; Hubberten, Hans-Wolfgang (2004): Holocene paleoenvironmental records from Nikolay Lake, Lena River Delta, Arctic Russia. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 209(1-4), 197-217

Andrei A Andreev, Pavel E Tarasov, Georg Schwamborn, Boris P Ilyashuk, Elena A Ilyashuk & Anatoly A Bobrov
Radiocarbon-dated pollen, rhizopod, chironomid and total organic carbon (TOC) records from Nikolay Lake (73°20'N, 124°12'E) and a pollen record from a nearby peat sequence are used for a detailed environmental reconstruction of the Holocene in the Lena Delta area. Shrubby Alnus fruticosa and Betula exilis tundra existed during 10,300-4800 cal. yr BP and gradually disappeared after that time. Climate reconstructions based on the pollen and chironomid records suggest that the climate during ca. 10,300-9200 cal....
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