Magnesium/calcium ratio of the foraminifera Oridorsalis umbonatus in surface sediment samples off Namibia, supplement to: Rathmann, Söhnke; Hess, Silvia; Kuhnert, Henning; Mulitza, Stefan (2004): Mg/Ca ratios of the benthic foraminifera Oridorsalis umbonatus obtained by laser ablation from core top sediments: Relationship to bottom water temperatures. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 5(12), Q12013

Söhnke Rathmann, Silvia Hess, Henning Kuhnert & Stefan Mulitza
A laser ablation system connected to an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer was used to determine Mg/Ca ratios of the benthic foraminifera Oridorsalis umbonatus. A set of modern core top samples collected along a depth transect on the continental slope off Namibia (320-2300 m water depth; 2.9° to 10.4°C) was used to calibrate the Mg/Ca ratio against bottom water temperature. The resulting Mg/Ca-bottom water temperature relationship of O. umbonatus is described by the exponential equation...
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