Pollen record and age determination of profile CS98-10 at Cape Shpindler, Yugorski Peninsula, northwest Russia, supplement to: Andreev, Andrei A; Manley, William F; Ingólfsson, Ólafur; Forman, Steven L (2001): Environmental changes on Yugorski Peninsula, Kara Sea, Russia, during the last 12,800 radiocarbon years. Global and Planetary Change, 31(1-4), 255-264

Andrei A Andreev, William F Manley, Ólafur Ingólfsson & Steven L Forman
New pollen and radiocarbon data from an 8.6-m coastal section, Cape Shpindler (69°43' N; 62°48' E), Yugorski Peninsula, document the latest Pleistocene and Holocene environmental history of this low Arctic region. Twelve AMS 14C dates indicate that the deposits accumulated since about 13,000 until 2000 radiocarbon years BP. A thermokarst lake formed ca. 13,000-12,800 years BP, when scarce arctic tundra vegetation dominated the area. By 12,500 years BP, a shallow lake existed at the site,...
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