Stable carbon and oxygen isotope record of benthic foraminifera from Paleocene-Eocene sediments, supplement to: Miller, Kenneth G; Janecek, Thomas R; Katz, Miriam E; Keil, David J (1987): Abyssal circulation and benthic foraminiferal changes near the Paleocene/Eocene boundary. Paleoceanography, 2(6), 741-761

Kenneth G Miller, Thomas R Janecek, Miriam E Katz & David J Keil
A major change in Cenozoic deep-sea benthic foraminifera occurred in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans near the Paleocene/Eocene boundary. Benthic foraminiferal abundance changes began at about 61.5 Ma at Pacific Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Site 577. A major extinction event followed at 58-57 Ma (between Zones P6a and P6b), and a series of first appearances continued until circa 55.5 Ma (Zone P6c). These faunal changes occurred during a 6°C warming of Pacific bottom...
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