Stable isotope ratios, geochemistry and paleotemperatures from sediment core MD01-2390, supplement to: Steinke, Stephan; Kienast, Markus; Groeneveld, Jeroen; Lin, Li-Chuan; Chen, Min-Te; Rendle-Bühring, Rebecca (2008): Proxy dependence of the temporal patterns of deglacial warming in the tropical South China Sea: Toward resolving seasonality. Quaternary Science Reviews, 27(7-8), 688-700

Stephan Steinke, Markus Kienast, Jeroen Groeneveld, Li-Chuan Lin, Min-Te Chen & Rebecca Rendle-Bühring
Sea surface temperatures (SSTs), reconstructed from two Globigerinoides ruber (white) morphotypes (G. ruber sensu stricto, (s.s.); G. ruber sensu lato, ( s.l.)) Mg/Ca and alkenones (UK'37) from core MD01-2390 from the tropical South China Sea (SCS) during the last deglaciation reveal a proxy-dependent discrepancy in the temporal pattern of the deglacial warming. Alkenone data suggest that the deglacial warming is punctuated by a decrease in temperature between not, vert, similar17 and 15 ka BP, corroborating...
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