Distribution of pollen and spores in sediments of ODP Hole 175-1078C, supplement to: Dupont, Lydie M; Behling, Hermann (2006): Land-sea linkages during deglaciation: high resolution records from the eastern Atlantic off the coast of Namibia and Angola (ODP Site 1078). Quaternary International, 148(1), 19-28

Lydie M Dupont & Hermann Behling
The distribution of pollen in marine sediments is used to record vegetation change on the continent. Generally, a good latitudinal correspondence exists between the distribution patterns of pollen in the marine surface sediments and the occurrence of the source plants on the adjacent continent. To investigate land–sea interactions during deglaciation, we compare proxies for continental (pollen assemblages) and marine conditions (alkenone-derived sea surface temperatures) of two high-resolution, radiocarbon-dated sedimentary records from the tropical southeast Atlantic....
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