Pollen distribution in marine sediment samples along the south-western African coast, supplement to: Dupont, Lydie M; Wyputta, Ulrike (2003): Reconstructing pathways of aeolian pollen transport to the marine sediments along the coastline of SW Africa. Quaternary Science Reviews, 22(2-4), 157-174

Lydie M Dupont & Ulrike Wyputta
The distribution of pollen in marine sediments is used to reconstruct pathways of terrigenous input to the oceans and provides a record of vegetation change on adjacent continents. The wind transport routes of aeolian pollen is comprehensively illustrated by clusters of trajectories. Isobaric, 4-day backward trajectories are calculated using the modelled wind-field of ECHAM3, and are clustered on a seasonal basis to estimate the main pathways of aeolian particles to sites of marine cores in...
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