Pelagic phosphorus accumulation in the Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Moody, Judith; Chaboudy, Louis R; Worsley, Thomas R (1988): Pacific pelagic phosphorus accumulation during the last 10 m.y. Paleoceanography, 3(1), 113-136

Judith Moody, Louis R Chaboudy & Thomas R Worsley
As a limiting nutrient to marine life, phosphorus (P) is an effective tracer of today's marine productivity. The distribution of P in marine sediments likewise tracks the history of marine productivity because of its relative insolubility in seawater. CaCO3, biogenic opal, terrigenous sediment, and total P have been measured in cores from nine Pacific sites (Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) 65, 66, 310, 77, 62, 572, 463, 586, and GPC-3) and one subantarctic (DSDP 266)...
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