Age determination of sediment cores C23-81 and EN32-PC6, supplement to: Broecker, Wallace S; Andree, Michael; Wolfli, Willy; Oeschger, Hans; Bonani, Georges; Kennett, James P; Peteet, Dorothy M (1988): The chronology of the last deglaciation: implications to the cause of the Younger Dryas event. Paleoceanography, 3(1), 1-19

Wallace S Broecker, Michael Andree, Willy Wolfli, Hans Oeschger, Georges Bonani, James P Kennett & Dorothy M Peteet
It has long been recognized that the transition from the last glacial to the present interglacial was punctuated by a brief and intense return to cold conditions. This extraordinary event, referred to by European palynologists as the Younger Dryas, was centered in the northern Atlantic basin. Evidence is accumulating that it may have been initiated and terminated by changes in the mode of operation of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Further, it appears that these mode...
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