Stable oxygen isotope composition of planktonic foraminifera from the Adriatic Sea, supplement to: Fontugne, Michel R; Paterne, Martine; Calvert, Stephen E; Murat, Anne; Guichard, Francois; Arnold, Maurice (1989): Adriatic deep water formation during the Holocene: implication for the reoxygenation of the deep eastern Mediterranean Sea. Paleoceanography, 4(2), 199-206

Michel R Fontugne, Martine Paterne, Stephen E Calvert, Anne Murat, Francois Guichard & Maurice Arnold
Under modern conditions, the reoxygenation of eastern Mediterranean deep water is the result of the formation of dense bottom water in the southern Adriatic Sea. Oxygen isotopic records of planktonic foraminfera used as a paleosalinity tracer show that Po River and/or the alpine glaciers meltwater are not directly responsible of the inhibition of the deep water formation in the Adriatic, during sapropel (S1) formation at 9,000 years B.P.. Sedimentological evidence indicates that fully oxygenated conditions...
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