Ge/Si record of marine biogenic opal, supplement to: Shemesh, Aldo; Mortlock, Richard A; Froelich, Philip N (1989): Late Cenozoic Ge/Si record of marine biogenic opal: implications for variations of riverine fluxes to the ocean. Paleoceanography, 4(3), 221-234

Aldo Shemesh, Richard A Mortlock & Philip N Froelich
We have determined germanium/silicon ratios in purified diatoms and radiolarians from siliceous sediments in Holocene core tops, one late Pleistocene piston core, and four high-latitude Southern Ocean Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) sites ranging in age from Holocene to Oligocene. High-latitude Holocene diatoms in the 10- to 38-µm size fraction ([Ge/Si]opal = 0.693 +/- 0.039 * 10**-6) faithfully record the present oceanic ratio ([Ge/Si]seawater = 0.699 +/- 0.004 * 10**-6). This confirms that diatoms from...
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