Geological map of Heimefrontfjella, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica (Scale 1:250,000)

Joachim Jacobs, Wilfried Bauer, Stefan Kreutzer, Gernot Patzelt, Rainer Schmidt, Peter Schulze, Siegfried Siegesmund, Gerhard Spaeth, Robert J Thomas, Klaus Weber & Gerd Zarske
The geological overview map was compiled from 15 geological maps (1 : 25,000) and is based on Jacobs et al. 1996. The topographic basemaps were adapted from unpublished 1:250,000 provisional topographic maps, Institut f. Angewandte Geodäsie, Frankfurt, 1983. Part of the contour lines are from Radarsat (Liu et al. 2001).
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