Heavy metal concentrations in fauna from hydrothermal fields of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, supplement to: Demina, Lyudmila L; Galkin, Sergey V (2008): On the role of abiogenic factors in the bioaccumulation of heavy metals by the hydrothermal fauna of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Oceanology, 48(6), 784-797

Lyudmila L Demina & Sergey V Galkin
Distributions of Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Cr, Pb, As, Ag, Cd, Se, Sb, and Hg in 128 samples of tissues of organisms that inhabit hydrothermal vent fields of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Menez Gwen, Snake Pit, and Rainbow) depending on the abiotic environmental parameters were studied. The majority of the elements studied showed direct correlations between their concentrations in fluids released and in tissues of hydrothermal organisms. A higher degree of bioaccumulation of metals...
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