Radionuclides and accumulation rates of sediments from the equatorial Atlantic, supplement to: Francois, Roger; Bacon, Michael P; Suman, Daniel O (1990): Thorium 230 profiling in deep-sea sediments: high resolution records of flux and dissolution of carbonate in the equatorial Atlantic during the last 24,000 years. Paleoceanography, 5(5), 761-787

Roger Francois, Michael P Bacon & Daniel O Suman
Variations in carbonate flux and dissolution, which occurred in the equatorial Atlantic during the last 24,000 years, have been estimated by a new approach that allows the point-by-point determination of paleofluxes to the seafloor. An unprecedented time resolution can thus be obtained which allows sequencing of the relatively rapid events occurring during deglaciation. The method is based on observations that the flux of unsupported 230Th into deep-sea sediments is nearly independent of the total mass...
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