Carbonate sedimentation and stable isotope ratios of sediments from the western equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Wu, Guoping; Herguera, Juan-Carlos; Berger, Wolfgang H (1990): Differential dissolution: modification of Late Pleistocene oxygen isotope records in the western equatorial Pacific. Paleoceanography, 5(4), 581-594

Guoping Wu, Juan-Carlos Herguera & Wolfgang H Berger
Deep-sea records of the Pacific Ocean show dramatic variations in the dissolution intensity of calcium carbonate through the late Pleistocene. Extremes are characterized by much depressed dissolution intensity during deglaciation (preservation spikes) and much enhanced dissolution intensity during ice growth (dissolution spikes). Increased dissolution intensity at dissolution spikes distorts delta18O records by preferential removal of 16O-rich shells, resulting in heavier delta18O values at these sections. The delta18O values tend to remain unaltered at deglacial preservation...
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