Abundance of diatoms and foraminifers in the surface sediment layer of the southeastern Laptev Sea shelf, supplement to: Matul, Alexander G; Khusid, Tatyana A; Mukhina, Valentina V; Chekhovskaya, Maria P; Safarova, Saniya A (2007): Recent and Late Holocene environments on the southeastern shelf of the Laptev Sea as inferred from microfossil data. Oceanology, 47(1), 80-90

Alexander G Matul, Tatyana A Khusid, Valentina V Mukhina, Maria P Chekhovskaya & Saniya A Safarova
The study of diatoms and benthic foraminifers from the southeastern shelf of the Laptev Sea shows that their most diverse and abundant recent assemblages populate the peripheral underwater part of the Lena River delta representing the marginal filter of the sea. This area is characterized by intense interaction between fresh waters of Siberian rivers and basin seawater, Atlantic one included. Local Late Holocene (~last 2300 years) environments reflect the main regional and global paleoclimatic changes,...
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