Concentration of nutrients and primary production in sea ice of the high-latitudinal Arctic, supplement to: Nedashkovskii, A P; Khvedynich, S V; Petrovskii, T V (2008): Phosphates and silicates in sea ice of the high-latitudinal Arctic: Data of the North Pole-34 drifting ice station. Oceanology, 48(5), 646-655

A P Nedashkovskii, S V Khvedynich & T V Petrovskii
Dynamics of phosphates and silicates in sea ice of the high-latitudinal Arctic are considered for period from November 2005 to May 2006. It is shown that, during ice formation, silicates are included into it in the same ratio to salinity that is characteristic of under-ice water. Further dynamics of silicates are determined by their bioassimilation with beginning of the polar day and by biogenic silicon accumulation at bottom meltwater pools with subsequent leaching. Phosphates are...
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