Stable isotope analysis on planktic foraminifera in sediment cores from the eastern Mediterranean sapropel formation, supplement to: Jenkins, Janice A; Williams, Douglas F (1984): Nile water as a cause of eastern Mediterranean sapropel formation: evidence for and against. Marine Micropaleontology, 8(6), 521-534

Janice A Jenkins & Douglas F Williams
During the late Pleistocene, sapropels (layers of organic-carbon rich sediment) formed throughout the entire Eastern Mediterranean Basin in close association with glacial/interglacial transitions. The current theory for the mechanism of sapropel formation involves a density stratification of the water column, due to the invasion of a large quantity of low-saline water, which resulted in oxygen depletion of the bottom waters. Most workers believe that this low-salinity water was glacial meltwater that entered the Mediterranean via...
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