Chemical and isotopic compositions of basaltic glasses and crusts from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rift valley, supplement to: Silantyev, Sergey A; Danyushevsky, L V; Plechova, Anastasiya A; Dosso, L; Bazylev, B A; Bel'tenev, V E (2008): Geochemical and isotopic signatures of magmatic products in the MAR Rift Valley at 12°49'-17°23'N and 29°59'-33°41'N: Evidence of two contrasting sources of the parental melts. Petrology, 16(1), 36-62

Sergey A Silantyev, L V Danyushevsky, Anastasiya A Plechova, L Dosso, B A Bazylev & V E Bel'tenev
Data presented in the paper suggest significant differences between thermodynamic conditions, under which magmatic complexes were formed in MAR at 29°-34°N and 12°-18°N. Melts occurring at 29°-34°N were derived by melting of a mantle source with homogeneous distribution of volatile components and arrived at the surface without significant fractionation, likely, due to their rapid ascent. The MAR segments between 12° and 18°N combine contrasting geodynamic environments of magmatism, which predetermined development of a large plume...
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