Polychaete taxocenes in the Pevek Strait (Chaun Bay) and the Long Strait, Chukci Sea, supplement to: Gagaev, S Yu (1994): Comparative characteristics of polychaete taxocenes in Pevek Strait, Chaun Bay, and Long Strait. Oceanology, 34(3), 361-366

S Yu Gagaev
In spite of similar abiotic conditions in the Long Strait and Chaun Bay, the polychaete taxocenes differ markedly. In some cases biomass, production, and assimilation of polychaetes in the Long Strait are lower, while rate of metabolism is higher than in the Chaun Bay. This may be related to appearance of an intermediate layer in the Long Strait during some years. The latter is characterized by positive temperatures in winter and by low content of...
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