Biogenic opal, carbonat concentrations and stable oxygen isotope ratios of foraminifera from sediment cores of the Southern Ocean, supplement to: Charles, Christopher D; Froelich, Philip N; Zibello, Michael A; Mortlock, Richard A; Morley, Joseph J (1991): Biogenic opal in southern ocean sediments over the last 450,000 years: implications for surface water chemistry and circulation. Paleoceanography, 6(6), 697-728

Christopher D Charles, Philip N Froelich, Michael A Zibello, Richard A Mortlock & Joseph J Morley
We present records of biogenic opal percentage and burial rate in 12 piston cores from the Atlantic and Indian sectors of the Southern Ocean. These records provide a detailed, quantitative description of changing patterns of opal deposition over the last 450 kyr. The striking regional coherence of these records suggests that dissolution in the deep sea and sediment pore waters does not obscure the surface productivity signal, and therefore these opal time series can be...
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