Geochemistry on core 202-1240A, supplement to: Pichevin, Laetitia; Reynolds, Ben C; Ganeshram, Raja S; Cacho, Isabel; Pena, L; Keefe, K; Ellam, Rob M (2009): Enhanced carbon pump inferred from relaxation of nutrient limitation in the glacial ocean. Nature, 459, 1114-1117

Laetitia Pichevin, Ben C Reynolds, Raja S Ganeshram, Isabel Cacho, L Pena, K Keefe & Rob M Ellam
The modern Eastern Equatorial Pacific (EEP) Ocean is a large oceanic source of carbon to the atmosphere1. Primary productivity over large areas of the EEP is limited by silicic acid and iron availability, and because of this constraint the organic carbon export to the deep ocean is unable to compensate for the outgassing of carbon dioxide that occurs through upwelling of deep waters. It has been suggested that the delivery of dust-borne iron to the...
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