Palynology and sedimentology of core PG1214, supplement to: Wagner, Bernd; Melles, Martin (2001): A Holocene seabird record from Raffles Sø sediments, East Greenland, in response to climatic and oceanic changes. Boreas, 30(3), 228-239

Bernd Wagner & Martin Melles
A 3.5-m-long sediment sequence from a lake on Raffles Oslash, off Liverpool Land, East Greenland, was investigated for chronology, lithology, palynology and biogeochemistry. Radiocarbon-dating of plant remains and the lithology of the sediment succession indicate continuous sedimentation since deglaciation of the area prior to 10000 cal. yr BP. The postglacial palynological record shows little variation and evidence of a wind-transported pollen supply, both resulting from the geographical characteristics of Raffles Oslash. Significant variations in the...
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