Age determination of section LAB2-94 (Table 3), supplement to: Kienel, Ulrike; Siegert, Christine; Hahne, Jürgen (1999): Late Quaternary palaeoenvironmental reconstructions from a permafrost sequence (North Siberian Lowland, SE Taymyr Peninsula) - a multidisciplinary case study. Boreas, 28(1), 181-193

Ulrike Kienel, Christine Siegert & Jürgen Hahne
A Late Quaternary permafrost profile from the Labaz Lake area (Taymyr Peninsula, Central Siberia) has been investigated using analyses of diatoms, pollen, sedimentology and geochemistry. A sedimentation gap for the termination of the Pleistocene and the start of lacustrine sedimentation in the Boreal can be inferred. At that time shallow-lake conditions prevailed and a connection to the Labaz Lake is probable. The diatom data provide indications for the assessment of the Holocene environmental development of...
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