Calcium carbonate conctent and stable isotope ratios of glacial-holocene sediments from the South China Sea, supplement to: Thunell, Robert C; Qingmin, Miao; Calvert, Stephen E; Pedersen, Thomas F (1992): Glacial-Holocene biogenic sedimentation Patterns in the South China Sea: productivity variations and surface water pCO2. Paleoceanography, 7(2), 143-162

Robert C Thunell, Miao Qingmin, Stephen E Calvert & Thomas F Pedersen
A bathymetric transect of cores in the South China Sea extending from 4200-m to less than 1000-m water depth has been examined for glacial-interglacial changes in carbonate and organic carbon sedimentation. Typical 'Pacific carbonate cycles' (high carbonate content during glacials and low carbonate content during interglacials) characterize cores from water depths deeper than 3500 m. In contrast, 'Atlantic carbonate cycles' (low carbonate during glacials and high carbonate during interglacials) are observed in cores from depths...
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