Geochemistry of DSDP Hole 91-596, supplement to: Zhou, Lei; Kyte, Frank T (1992): Sedimentation history of the South Pacific pelagic clay province over the last 85 million years inferred from the geochemistry of Deep Sea Drlling Project Hole 596. Paleoceanography, 7(4), 441-465

Lei Zhou & Frank T Kyte
Geochemical analyses of sediments from the top 24.5 m of Deep Sea Drilling Project hole 596 (23°51.20'S, 169°39.27'W) show great variability in the composition of pelagic clays accumulated in the South Pacific since the late Cretaceous. Elemental associations indicate that most of this variability can be attributed to variations in abundances of six sediment end-member components: detrital (eolian), andesitic (volcanic), hydrothermal, hydrogenous, phosphate (fish debris), and biogenic silica. We develop a sedimentation model which is...
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