Diatom abundance and paleo-temperature reconstruction for sediment cores from the southeast Norwegian Sea, supplement to: Karpuz, Nalân; Jansen, Eystein (1992): A high-resolution diatom record of the last deglaciation from the SE Norwegian Sea: documentation of rapid climatic changes. Paleoceanography, 7(4), 499-520

Nalân Karpuz & Eystein Jansen
Although the pulsating nature and the abruptness of the last deglaciation are well documented in marine and land records, very few marine records have so far been able to capture the high-frequency climatic changes recorded in the Greenland ice core Dye 3. We studied high-resolution sediment cores from SE Norwegian Sea, which display a detailed climatic record during the last deglaciation comparable to that of Dye 3. Accelerator mass spectrometry age control of the cores...
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