Mega-epibenthos at Bouvet Island (South Atlantic), supplement to: Gutt, Julian; Fricke, Anna; Teixidó, Núria; Potthoff, Michael; Arntz, Wolf E (2006): Mega-epibenthos at Bouvet Island (South Atlantic): a spatially isolated biodiversity hot spot on a tiny geological spot. Polar Biology, 29(2), 97-105

Julian Gutt, Anna Fricke, Núria Teixidó, Michael Potthoff & Wolf E Arntz
Mega-epibenthic diversity was analysed using a seabed photography at four stations off Bouvet Island and one station at the Spiess Seamount in the South Atlantic. Surprisingly, the intermediate-scale diversity within the area of investigation was not lower compared to that on the Patagonian shelf and only moderately lower than that on the Antarctic continental shelf. This result is incompatible with Mac Arthur and Wilson's Island Biogeography Theory describing species richness as a function of immigration...
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