1000 year ice-core records from Berkner Island, Antarctica, supplement to: Mulvaney, Robert; Oerter, Hans; Peel, David A; Graf, Wolfgang; Arrowsmith, Carol; Pasteur, Elizabeth C; Knight, Bruce; Littot, Geneviève C; Miners, William D (2002): 1000-year ice core records from Berkner Island, Antarctic. Annals of Glaciology, 35, 45-51

Robert Mulvaney, Hans Oerter, David A Peel, Wolfgang Graf, Carol Arrowsmith, Elizabeth C Pasteur, Bruce Knight, Geneviève C Littot & William D Miners
Two medium-depth ice cores were retrieved from Berkner Island by a joint project between the Alfred-Wegener-Institut and the British Antarctic Survey in the 1994/95 field season. A 151m deep core from the northern dome (Reinwarthhöhe) of Berkner Island spans 700 years, while a 181m deep core from the southern dome (Thyssenhöhe) spans approximately 1200 years. Both cores display clear seasonal cycles in electrical conductivity measurements, allowing dating by annual-layer counting and the calculation of accumulation...
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