Stable isotope ratios, carbon content and primary production of three sediment cores from the subantarctic eastern Atlantic, supplement to: Mackensen, Andreas; Rudolph, Miriam; Kuhn, Gerhard (2001): Late Pleistocene deep-water circulation in the subantarctic eastern Atlantic. Global and Planetary Change, 30(3-4), 197-229

Andreas Mackensen, Miriam Rudolph & Gerhard Kuhn
We present three new benthic foraminiferal delta13C, delta18O, and total organic carbon time series from the eastern Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean between 41°S and 47°S. The measured glacial delta13C values belong to the lowest hitherto reported. We demonstrate a coincidence between depleted late Holocene (LH) delta13C values and positions of sites relative to ocean surface productivity. A correction of +0.3 to +0.4 [per mil VPDB] for a productivity-induced depletion of Last Glacial Maximum...
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