Sedimentology of three cores from the Laptev Sea continental margin (Arctic Ocean), supplement to: Müller, Claudia; Stein, Ruediger (2000): Variability of fluvial sediment supply to the Laptev Sea continental margin during Late Weichselian to Holocene times: Implications from clay-mineral records. In: Stein, R (ed.), International Journal of Earth Sciences Special Issue: Circum Arctic River Discharge and its Geological Record, Springer

Claudia Müller & Ruediger Stein
Three sediment cores from the Laptev Sea continental margin were investigated for their clay mineralogy by X-ray diffraction to study the fluvial sediment supply since the late Weichselian. In the study area, the clay-mineral composition of surface sediments is characterized by distinct regional variations. The source area for smectite in the eastern Eurasian Basin is the Putoran Plateau drained by the Khatanga and Yenisei rivers. Currents caused by river discharge and the inflow of Atlantic...
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