(Table 1) Diatom species composition and distribution at ODP Site 116-717C, supplement to: Kaczmarska, Irena (1990): Diatoms at Site 717, Leg 116. In: Cochran, JR; Stow, DAV, et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 116, 239-242

Irena Kaczmarska
Autochthonous marine pelagic and allochthonous coastal and freshwater diatoms were encountered in five samples from the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 116 Holes 717A, 717B, and 717C. Allochthonous diatoms were transported to the equatorial Indian Ocean from inland locations and coastal waters, respectively. The pelagic diatom assemblage consists mainly of warm and/or tropical diatoms known from the Neogene to Holocene. A stratigraphic marker, Rhizosolenia praebergonii var. robusta, which indicates Pliocene-Pleistocene (2.4-1.55 Ma) age of the...
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