AMS radiocarbon dates and pollen analysis from Zugspitzplatt, supplement to: Grüger, Eberhard; Jerz, Hermann (2010): Untersuchung einer Doline auf dem Zugspitzplatt: Ein palynologischer Beitrag zur holozänen Gletschergeschichte im Wettersteingebirge (Investigation of a doline on the Zugspitzplatt - a palynological contribution to the Holocene glacial history of the Wettersteingebirge). E&G - Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart - Quaternary Science Journal, 59(1-2), 66-75

Eberhard Grüger & Hermann Jerz
On the strongly karstified and almost unvegetated surface of the Zugspitzplatt, at an altitude of about 2290 m in the Wettersteingebirge, there is a doline within which over a period of several thousand years a bed of fine loess-like sediment, almost 1m thick, has accumulated. Notwithstanding the situation of this locality far above the present tree-line, this infill contains quantities of pollen and spores sufficient for pollen analysis without use of any enrichment techniques. Despite...
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