Hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in ground lce of Bykovsky Peninsula, North Siberia, supplement to: Meyer, Hanno; Dereviagin, Alexander Yu; Siegert, Christine; Hubberten, Hans-Wolfgang (2002): Paleoclimate studies on Bykovsky Peninsula, North Siberia - hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in ground ice. Polarforschung, 70, 37-51

Hanno Meyer, Alexander Yu Dereviagin, Christine Siegert & Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten
In wide areas of Northern Siberia, glaciers have been absent since the Late Pleistocene. Therefore, ground ice and especially ice wedges are used as archives for paleoclimatic studies. In the present study, carried out on the Bykovsky Peninsula, eastern Lena Delta, we were able to distinguish ice wedges of different genetic units by means of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes. The results obtained by this study on the Ice Complex, a peculiar periglacial phenomenon, allowed the...
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