Sedimentation and mineral analysis on sediment cores from the Lena Delta, supplement to: Schwamborn, Georg; Rachold, Volker; Grigoriev, Mikhail N (2002): Late Quaternary Sedimentation History of the Lena Delta. Quaternary International, 89(1), 119-134

Georg Schwamborn, Volker Rachold & Mikhail N Grigoriev
Core and outcrop analysis from Lena mouth deposits have been used to reconstruct the Late Quaternary sedimentation history of the Lena Delta. Sediment properties (heavy mineral composition, grain size characteristics, organic carbon content) and age determinations (14C AMS and IR-OSL) are applied to discriminate the main sedimentary units of the three major geomorphic terraces, which form the delta. The development of the terraces is controlled by complex interactions among the following four factors: (1) Channel...
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