Palaeoenvironment records of six sediment cores collected in the Gulf of Carpentaria, supplement to: Chivas, Allan R; Garcia, Adriana; van der Kaars, Sander; Couapel, Martine JJ; Holt, Sabine; Reeves, Jessica M; Wheeler, David J; Switzer, Adam D; Murray-Wallace, Colin V; Banerjee, Debabrata; Price, David M; Wang, Sue X; Pearson, Grant; Edgar, N Terry; Beaufort, Luc; De Deckker, Patrick; Lawson, Ewan; Cecil, C Blaine (2001): Sea-level and environmental changes since the last interglacial in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia: an overview. Quaternary International, 83-85, 19-46

Allan R Chivas, Adriana Garcia, Sander van der Kaars, Martine JJ Couapel, Sabine Holt, Jessica M Reeves, David J Wheeler, Adam D Switzer, Colin V Murray-Wallace, Debabrata Banerjee, David M Price, Sue X Wang, Grant Pearson, N Terry Edgar, Luc Beaufort, Patrick De Deckker, Ewan Lawson & C Blaine Cecil
The Gulf of Carpentaria is an epicontinental sea (maximum depth 70 m) between Australia and New Guinea, bordered to the east by Torres Strait (currently 12 m deep) and to the west by the Arafura Sill (53 m below present sea level). Throughout the Quaternary, during times of low sea-level, the Gulf was separated from the open waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, forming Lake Carpentaria, an isolation basin, perched above contemporaneous sea-level with...
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