Benthic foraminifera of surface sediments in the Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Bergsten, Helene (1994): Recent benthic foraminifera of a transect from the North Pole to the Yermak Plateau, eastern central Arctic Ocean. Marine Geology, 119(3-4), 251-267

Helene Bergsten
The Recent distribution of living and dead benthic foraminifera of the Arctic Ocean proper has been examined in surface sediments that were sampled during the International Arctic Ocean Expedition 1991 (Arctic 91). The samples represent the Amundsen and Nansen Basins, the Morris Jesup Rise, and the Yermak Plateau from 90°N to 79°42.4'N, 05°15.6'E. Due to the technical difficulties of deep-sea drilling in the Arctic Ocean these areas have, until now, been investigated only in very...
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